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Award-Winning Brand and Identity Design

Developing a brand is a key part in building a successful business. Your brand is what you use to differentiate yourself from the competition – it helps give your customers a reason to choose your business, to keep using your business and to recommend your business to others. 

Your brand identity is how you present your brand to your consumers. How you present your brand visually is very important to your business. Your brand identity must communicate what you do and how you do it in a way that is true to your business. Brand identity is more than just a logo, nice fonts and colours – you have to use your brand identity to inform every part of your business from stationery and brochures, to signage and uniforms through to your website and social media. Its about the language you use in your brochures, the type of card you use for your business cards and how easy to use and engaging your website is. 

There is a lot to consider and it can seem pretty daunting.  That is where Impact comes in. We’ve worked with loads of clients from every sector to develop new or update existing brand identities as well as produce a huge array of marketing materials.

The process is constantly evolving and we are always looking for new inspiration – and that’s what makes it fun. The article below showcases some fantastic examples of branding work from the U.S. If something sparks a bright idea for you, we’d love to help you turn it into your new brand, letterhead, brochure, t-shirt, business card, badge, poster, flyer, sign…you get the picture.