Behind The Wooden Counter

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You’ll have seen from our blog that Pearl Hutchinson received a British Empire Medal in the New Year Honour’s List for services to the local community. Pearl is a prolific publisher of local history and her latest title, “Behind The Wooden Counter” is an excellent memoir of life in rural Donegal. It has been such a success that a second print run has already been completed!

Pearl has a fantastic collection of old photographs, receipts, postcards and other mementos that Impact were asked to scan and weave into her memoirs of growing up in a country shop. We opted for a single colour sepia print run to underline the feel of a bygone era and developed a page layout that recreated the old ledger books that would have been used in the shop on a daily basis. The full colour cover artwork features a wooden counter along with other bits and pieces that were part of daily life in the shop.

This book is a fantastic read and we love how it evokes a different, but not so faraway world before social media - one that somehow feels a lot more connected than we are told we are now. 

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