Big Telly Theatre Programme

Graphic Design \ Print Production

Our friends from Portstewart, The Big Telly Theatre Company recently celebrated their 30th birthday! They have carved out a reputation as bold, risk-taking theatre makers and are the longest established professional theatre company in Northern Ireland.

To celebrate this milestone, they embarked on a tour of the UK and Ireland with The Faerie Thorn. Based on the collection of stories by Jane Talbot, the production recreates the author’s dark, imaginative and bewitching tales in a compelling, shocking and funny way.

We developed a range of marketing collateral including posters, flyers, roller banners, as well as the event programme itself. The key illustration was developed for the production and we ensured consistency of design across all the items to reinforce the themes and tone of the production. We also managed the fulfilment side of the project, ensuring that each venue received their customised marketing materials on time and at the right location – allowing the production team to focus on rehearsals and opening night.

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