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Tommy McDonald first opened Impact’s doors in 1970. Now in our fifth decade, we’ve made a lot of new friends and even more loyal clients. We have consistently grown and evolved our business and we have worked hard to help our clients do the same.

Impact Print
Impact Print


There are a few basics that we never lose sight of, which in turn means we have clients that we’ll never lose hold of…

The Buck Stops Here

We have the expertise and experience to find the right answer for you. It is our responsibility to give you an honest appraisal and effective solution. 

Just Do It

We will explain the process to you and agree realistic timings to suit the job. We’ll move mountains for a deadline when we need to. We’ll keep our side of the bargain.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

We know the devil is in the detail. So, we will review and re-review the specification; proof and re-proof the artwork; and finally check and double-check the finished job.

Cheap at Twice the Price

We know it’s a competitive market. We know there will always be someone cheaper. A wise man (Tommy) once said, “Quality and service are remembered long after price is forgotten”. That’s good enough for us.

Stop! Collaborate and Listen

We love working with our customers. We have learned that an hour spent meeting over a coffee or hands-on in the studio is worth a hundred emails. And more fun too.

Meet the team

Now you can put 10 faces to our name.

Some of our team have been here for a lifetime, while others are just starting out on their career path. We all share a passion for and pride in our work. Put simply, every day we commit to delivering your project as and when we said we would.

Aylmer Carson

Printing & Production

Chiara Stok

Accounts Administrator

Craig Forrester

Graphic Designer

Darren McLean

Graphic Designer

Denise McDonald

Production & Finishing

Francis McAfee

Production Manager

Nigel Johnston

Graphic Designer

Paul Kane

Printing & Production

Peter McCaughan

Managing Director

Tommy McDonald

Printing Consultant