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Football Crest Design

The football club crests designers think are in a league of their own

 We love the beautiful game here at Impact.  There’s many a heated debate here in the studio, but we won’t reveal our true colours just yet. 

 Following the hype around Juventus and their decision to rebrand their club image, we thought this was an interesting read and a certainly relevant topic of conversation.  Are there other clubs out there in more need of a makeover, or would their decision to do so cause a backlash like the Juventus logo?

 They say any publicity is good publicity, and if 2017 is anything to go by, it seems to be that the best way to promote yourself or your company, is to just do it.  Take people by surprise, grab the metaphorical bull by the horns. 

 We have a mixed opinion on the Juventus rebrand, but we can’t deny it’s beautiful simplicity and creative design.  The logo design incorporates the overall shape of a shield, the existing team coloured stripes and the letter ‘J’.  To find out more head over to Goal to read an interesting article by Daniel Nyari.

 Anyway, we’re going off topic here.  When asked to give their opinions on their favourite logo crest designs, some of these well-known British designers gave some interesting opinions.  Some chose a team they, or someone in their family have a strong connection with.  Others opted for designs that boast uninform shapes and interesting elements, like the Tottenham logo and the simplistic Wolverhampton badge. 

 It’s interesting to see that although working in the same field, these designers had very different opinions and conclusions.  At Impact we all work with the same goal in mind, with a different style and personal preference.  We can work with you and your business to narrow down a certain style that suits you. 

If you think your business needs a rebrand, or maybe your marketing material isn’t as persuasive as it once was – don’t forget we offer a wide range of services- including posters, flyers, signage and advertising collateral to keep you in line with your competition.