Causeway Coastal Route Field Guide

Graphic Design \ Print Production \ Special Finishing

This Field Guide to the Causeway Coastal Route is a schools resource for geology students on field trips.  We had to consider two pretty important tasks on this project – the field guides had to be easy to use and they had to be able to stand up to the elements.

To make the guides simple to follow and understand, all the content, maps and images were formatted in a consistent and structured manner with different sections being colour coded accordingly.

To ensure the guides could withstand the elements (apparently that’s important for field trips!) all the content pages were matt laminated; tabbed polypropylene dividers were used and everything was bound in 2 ring PVC capacity binders with encapsulated inserts. They are as close to indestructible as we could make them.

We are pretty confident that like many of the locations they feature, these guides will stand the test of time.

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